A Guide To Live More Awesome - Jimi Hunt

Do You Want To
Live More Awesome?

Life is complicated!

Is it? Or do we just make it that way ourselves?
Would you like to improve your mental health, become more at peace, understand yourself and the world better and find more love for yourself and everyone around you?

I did too... So I worked on it every single day for a few years.
These are the results. Tested on me.
I changed about 70% of my being for the better and you can too...

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What You'll Learn


Learn how to actually become aware of what's going on with you and inside your head. Becoming aware of yourself is the first step to change.

Brutal Fuckin' Honesty

Without BFH towards yourself there is no point. Why do we always lie to ourselves? How can we change that?

How To Change

The most important point... change. Why are we so afraid of it?
Why does society not want us to change?
How can I ACTUALLY do it?!?!


How can I have a better relationship with my partner, my family and my friends? Great question, it's answered in there, but more importantly, how can you have a better relationship with yourself?

How To Live More Awesome

We all want to achieve more... but how? And why? It is possible to achieve your wildest dreams but how do I know what is right for me? Do I know?

A Bunch More...

How to form new connections, how to come up with new ways, new ideas and new solutions, how to be happy and much more...


This is a guide that you can keep around for a long time to come. Something that you will return to because sometimes you need to learn the lessons again but this time it will be clear and you can initiate change because of it. The best project I ever worked on was myself, and I continue to do just that.

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What people are saying about it...

  • “ A must have book to always have at your side. We are all human, learning and searching for the happiness that already exists inside us. Jimi has captured these concepts in a beautiful, powerful and practical way so we can understand that mental health is an everyday practice and something we all deserve.”

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    • Fleur Saville
    • Actor / Producer
  • “ This book shifted my way of approaching certain situations and challenged me to revaluate my instinctual reactions. All hardships in life, all challenges thrown my way I treat as LESSONS! This has alleviated stress and unnecessary pressure in my life. Instead I think, how can I learn from this, rather then feel like I’m a victim or suffering.

    I love how Jimi speaks about LOVE. Love for yourself. Love for another. I’m literally high-fiving him through this review. I seriously reckon he’s worked this one out, and his personal experiences just make it real, and relatable.

    Buy this book. Read this book.”

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    • Alexandra Drewniak
    • Photographer

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A Bit Mental


This is my first book. It's quite good. A lot about my life and a lot about the entire Lilo the Waikato adventure...

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A Note From The Author

My life’s mission is to help people with their mental health, and life in general... this book is another step in that. Feel free to get in touch if you want to collaborate, have ideas, want to go on adventures or simply would like to ask a question. I will sincerely do my best to help.

I hope this guide can change your life, just like it changed mine. Thanks.

- Jimi Hunt

  jimi@livemoreawesome.com  |  +64 21 0202 9618

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'A Guide To Live More Awesome'.


Jimi Hunt is the builder of the World's Biggest Waterslide, the only person to ever have Lilo'ed the Waikato River and unexpected author. He, with his partner Dan Drupsteen, run the registered New Zealand Charity "Live More Awesome." Jimi also has his own branding and design company called "The Creative Difference" as well as business interests with his father Paul. Jimi went to Waikato University and is only one paper short of a degree that he will never get, much to the constant dismay of his mother.

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  • World Health Organization predicts that by 2030 the leading cause of death in the world will be mental health related (suicide). How can we prevent that?


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