5 Senses Program

The 5 Senses Program is a very simple application of neuroplasticity and the ability to train your brain into particular default habits. The process is not complicated, five times every day you ‘stamp’ all five of your senses by taking a second or two to acknowledge them.

To make it easier to remember, I break my day up into five areas; breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. At those five times of day, you stop for a second to acknowledge each of your five senses.

For example, when you drink some water, you think to yourself, “Hmmm, that really tastes refreshing.” When you eat something, “Hmmm, that really tastes good.” When you see something, “Wow, that really is beautiful.” When you hear a piece of music, “That guitar solo is stunning.” And when you touch something, “That feels beautiful and soft.”

Each one takes about two seconds. You do that five times a day. All up, in grand total, the Five Senses Program will take you 50 seconds every day. Even you can find 50 seconds a day. We’ll be doing this for the rest of the Basic Reset Program and unfortunately, like most mental health things it’s rewards are hard to see initially, but if you do this for the length of the program I guarantee you that you will see those positive changes in the way that you look at the world.

Seriously though, it’s a very powerful way to change your brain and stop it from defaulting to negative thoughts all the time.

The Five Senses Program definitely helped me take notice of and be more grateful for the world around me, which in turn started to make me happier in my general life.

Now, some caveats;

If you want to get the full results from this program, you do it 5 times a day for the rest of the reset. That’s only about 50 seconds of your day. ‘But I forget…’ people say… Well you can apply the same techniques for the water, set alarms on your phone to remind you at those five times of the day. Write notes on your fridge. Do it with your partner so they keep you accountable.

‘But Jimi, I’m never going to remember all five. Does that mean I should just give up now?’ No. If you only remember to do it three times out of the day then that’s what’s happening. But keep doing it every day. It’s like reps in the gym, you need to get them in. As many as you can on as many days as you can.

Put this into your day… It may just move you up that continuum like it did me.

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