Am I Normal?

Do you want to be normal?

If so, in the Western world, that will make you likely obese, divorced, in debt and likely to suffer an mental illness in your lifetime.

That is our normal. In many cases and countries you can add lonely, dissatisfied with your job and likely to die before 80.


These are the averages. These are the things that the ‘average‘ or ‘normal‘ person is.

So, I ask the question again; do you want to be normal?

I expect most of you will answer, ‘no!’ Then why are you doing the normal things? Following the normal paths? Reading the normal things? Eating the normal foods? Doing the normal jobs?

I want to be mentally fit. Unf**kwithable. The average/normal person is not that.

So I follow the outliers, I try things on the fringe, I look for the bright spots in each landscape to see why their lives are so much better than average. Then I take their ideas and run with them!

Most people laugh at my wife when she tells them she’s taped her mouth shut every night for the last 4 years. They stop laughing when she tells them how the quality of her sleep has drastically improved and therefore the quality of her waking hours has drastically improved because of it.

It’s not normal; she has had exceptional results because she tried something out of the ordinary.

Will everything that is out of the ordinary work? No, it won’t. So that’s why you choose which normal paths to take and when to be extraordinary.

Cut your finger? Put a plaster on it. It’s conventional wisdom, it’s normal and average, but it works.

Eat takeaway food more than once a week? 57% of consumers order takeaway three or more times a week! That’s normal! It’s also expensive and a poor diet choice leading to increased debt and obesity.

You’re a smart person (hopefully); you should be able to figure out when to be normal and when to be different.

But let this be your wake up call: NORMAL DOES NOT SERVE YOU.

I’m guessing (hoping) you read this newsletter because you want to become more awesome. Well, then I have news for you; you HAVE to become ABNORMAL.

Embrace your inner weirdness and start making some choices that those ‘normals‘ aren’t making.


“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”


– Mark Twain.


Much love,

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