BASIC RESET – The Buddy System

You’re now a bit into Basic Reset program if you started with the main group (doesn’t matter if you didn’t) and I just wanted to check in and make sure you were getting all four tasks completely done each day?

If yes, AWESOME! Super happy for you and your progress.

If no, I understand, sometimes it’s hard. But as I have repeated many times, nothing changes if nothing changes.

Sometimes you need a little outside pressure / help in order to stick to something so that’s where the Buddy System comes in. Nope, this isn’t some special, complicated psychological trick that I’m using on you, it’s the Buddy System, pairing up with a friend or a stranger who becomes a friend, just like you did when you went to school as a five year old.

Unfortunately, email isn’t really a social tool, you can’t see or talk to the 464 other people in the email. Luckily enough, we have the Facebook group (​).

Head over into that group and type a post that says something like “Who wants to be my Basic Reset Buddy?”

Some amazingly awesome person will respond and you can then check in on each other each day to make sure you got it all done. 

This actually is a bit of a psychological trick though, science has proven that it is MUCH more likely to create change if you have someone you are accountable to.

I don’t want any excuses though, so if you don’t / can’t go to the Facebook group to find a buddy and can’t find one in your real life either, then send me an email. I got you.

Much love, |

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