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Something you may not know about me already is that I am not a 'traditionally active' person. To the extent where I own no activewear and don't participate in organised sports or go to a gym. So, it was with

⠀ Men's Health Month in New Zealand is in June, I also happen to be back in New Zealand for half of it. You see, I’m not usually in NZ at any time that I consider ‘cold’, which, for me, is

I use my smartphone far too much and you probably do too. But, like me, you will most likely only admit that if you're being really honest with yourself. And it's not often we're actually being brutally honest with ourselves,

Bodysurfing is my main hobby. And this is the only known photo of me doing it. It was taken by a friend who bravely came out for one wave in the notoriously heavy Zicatela surf before heading back in. 99%

*This is probably the most important part of the Basic Reset. Please find / take the time to read this article fully* The mental health step that I get the most resistance at? Meditation. The mental health step I personally have

The 5 Senses Program is a very simple application of neuroplasticity and the ability to train your brain into particular default habits. The process is not complicated, five times every day you ‘stamp’ all five of your senses by taking

Walking is good for you. Shock horror! Imagine that. There are many many scientific benefits to getting outside and walking just 30 minutes per day; It reduces your risk of heart disease, you lose weight, it reduces the risk of diabetes