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This is how you can contribute monetarily, but if you can help out in any other way, please feel free to get in touch.

Maybe you can put it in your newsletter, put me in touch with media, are great at social media and want to help, have contacts at companies that may want to bring people or help sponsor. Or, maybe you have an awesome idea that will change the game! All help is appreciated and loved.

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If you have or will walk some of the trail with me and wish to donate to the trail trust – or – want to help fuel my 6000 calorie day eating requirements, you can donate any amount you wish below;

3 Premium Bookmarks

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These are three, double-sided bookmarks. Perfect for marking your place in three different books, all at the same time!

Matt laminated on heavy stock, these bookmarks will be able to be passed down to your grandchildren.*

*Presuming you currently have grandchildren and can hand things to them at a reasonable rate.

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