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A Guide To Live More Awesome

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“This book will not make you more money, get you a new job, find you a lover or help you lose weight.

However, it will help you understand and improve yourself and your place in the World / Universe...

This may, in turn, make you more money, get you a new job, find you a new lover and help you lose weight.”

‘Mental Health’ is a term we don’t like talking about, but it’s also something we all have. Jimi lays out its importance and tells amusing and heartfelt stories about his own life and the work he’s done to get himself mentally well and super awesome.

Yes, this guide is about mental health, but it’s actually about life and our place in it. If we had skills to help us better navigate it then we’d all be better off!

Read this guide... Learn some new skills, new perspectives and how to live a more awesome life.

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