Drink More Water!

Water is great for you. You already know that, it’s common knowledge, your Mum tells you to drink more water, so does your doctor, but you don’t do it… Why? Maybe because you don’t know WHY you should be drinking more water…

Here’s the ‘why’ that worked for me –

One day a clever man called Dr John McEwan explained this to me;

“Cortisol is your stress hormone and it builds up in your system through your usual stress inducing activities such as work, relationships and, well, life in general.

Stress and your stress hormone cortisol, can cause dehydration and dehydration can cause stress, a nasty little downward spiral.

One of the best ways to get that stress down and flush that cortisol out of your system is to drink a good amount of water.”

Dr John explained to me that there were two main ways that cortisol get’s flushed out of your system, one is crying (I did a lot of that) and the other is peeing.

“So you have two choices, cry it out, of pee it out!” I choose to pee it out. So therefore, the need to drink a good amount of water.

As a modern human, we also quite often mistake our feelings of dehydration for feelings of hunger and eat instead of drinking more water. Drinking at least two litres of water a day is a great way to reduce your stress, lose some weight, eliminate some sugar from your diet by cutting out soft-drinks, give you better looking skin, increase your energy levels and boost your immune system (*just some of the scientific benefits).

THE HOW: The way I took myself from 0 litres of water per day to 2 litres was to set an alarm on my phone. I set up reminders at random times of the day and week. At least four reminders per day to “DRINK SOME WATER!”
Each time one came up, I would grab a 500ml bottle of water and drink it all in one go. Bam! Done.

It’s also good practice to make sure you have a water bottle that you can take with you wherever you go. Remember, even if you eat out, they’ve always got water for you. And even if you eat fast food you can swap your soda for water!

You can also alter the taste of your water if you really don’t like it. Add some lime or lemon or some herbs or berries to your drink bottle or water decanter. You can’t however exchange water for any other liquid such as juice.

I couldn’t stand the taste of water when I started this, it took me the whole 66 days to get used to it.

Now water is 98% of what I drink and I’m a whole lot happier and healthier for it.



  1. Water is great!
    I currently aim for 3.5litres a day & have been doing so for 2 weeks now.
    Previous to this I always drank 3 litres a day for the past 3 years.

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