FLOURISH 001 – Creating Your Environment

| Sent Wednesday 21st of June

Hey there, here’s a question;

George Bernard Shaw said;

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

So, would you like the world to shape you?
Or would you like to shape the world around
you to create an environment for growth? 

Those really are your two choices…

And I don’t need to convince you that the world around you isn’t really set up in your personal best interest. Society isn’t helping us become happier and healthier.


Sit down with a pen and a piece of paper & make two columns. One titled “Things That Make Me Grow” and one titled “Things That Hold Me Back”. These are things (or people, or situations) that either add to or subtract from your growth. Here are some of mine;

Things That Help Me Grow

  1. My wife
  2. Reading
  3. Meditating
  4. Structure

Things That Hold Me Back

  1. Too much Internet
  2. No structure
  3. No accountability
  4. Doing everything on my own

Just being able to identify and observe parts of our life has been scientifically proven to help us make better choices. So try this; for the week, amplify one of the things from the left hand column, double down on it. And choose one from the right hand column and make steps to remove it from your life. Choose it. Then continue to choose it for at least a week. Commit to that for yourself. Then next week you can evaluate; is my environment set up better or worse in order for me to FLOURISH.

The Quality of Your Questions Determines the Quality of Your Life 

This is a truth that has become self-evident to me and it is therefore something that this newsletter is going to rely on. Asking questions for you to reflect on. The better, more poignant, more insightful, more understanding inducing a question; the more likely we are to have a breakthrough or a perspective shift. It’s usually only then that a behaviour can change, when you have decided it is worthwhile and you understand WHY it needs to be done.

So send me a message if you have any questions; or, I’d love to hear what you’re doubling down on or eliminating this week. Just hit reply. You may also think that this might resonate with someone you know so feel free to forward it along and maybe you could even do it together.

Also, I just want to say; Thanks for being here. I love sharing my ideas, I love talking to you about them and I love that there’s a whole lot of us out there trying to be better humans.

Much love,


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