FLOURISH 003 – Life is a Creation, not a Discovery

| Sent Wednesday 5th of July

Hey there, here’s an observation;

Life is a creation; not a discovery.

I thought I would share this with you today because it is something that I am always struggling with; remembering. Remembering that this life is all my doing, all my creation and that if I consciously create it,  then it always goes 1000 times better than if I ‘let’ it happen to me.

Here’s the thing; we don’t ‘find’, ‘discover’ or ‘uncover’ things, we create them. We are literally the architects of our own lives. The more that we understand this, the more we flourish.


Your tools of creation are;




If you just use your thoughts, they work to one level. If you continually tell yourself you’re ‘not worthy’ or ‘unlovable’ or even that you’re ‘amazing and can do anything’. It will work! That will help create your reality – to a level.

If you use your thoughts and your words, that will create to another level. Say those things out loud and you will embody them to the next level.

Ahh… but use your thoughts, words and then put them into action? That’s when the intentional creation of your reality truly begins.

If you know but you do not do then you do not know.

I know I should meditate more. It brings me clarity, insights and makes me a better person. I THINK about doing it all the time. Better than not thinking about it, right? At least I’m aware of it. I say the words to myself that I should do it, then I ‘forget to’ actually do it. But it is the doing that creates the change – obviously. 

After I built the World’s Biggest Waterslide I had a bunch of people tell me a variation of ‘I had that idea!’. Awesome, cool thoughts.

After I walked the length of NZ I had a lot of people say ‘I’ve been saying for years that I’m going to do that!’ Great, so go do it then.

One of the things I am most proud of is that I think things, then I say them, then I go and do them. My downfall is that I do that for BIG things and quite often forget to do it for the little ones, the ones that make up my day to day life.

We are what we do, not what we say and think. Our thoughts and words are the catalysts for the action, but the action is what really matters. If you think nice things, say nice things but act unkind – Are you actually nice?



Most people aren’t very clear with their thoughts. They might have some general ideas, but they haven’t specifically thought about all of the things that they would like to create.

“I would like to be more patient, more self-aware, consistent, have more empathy…”

Good thoughts – now change them into statements.

“I AM patient, self-aware, consistent and empathetic…”

Say them out loud – then go and put them into action.

Create reminders, alarms and alerts to practice these things. Find accountability partners, weekly meet-ups and opportunities to practice them. Create, create, create.

Is it all that easy? No.

This is just a random email you’re reading on a Wednesday, not a University Course and 12 Week Challenge or intense private therapy!

It’s just an understanding…

Life isn’t ‘happening to you’, you are creating it. It’s just up to you how much of it you decide to consciously create instead of sub-consciously create.

All I can tell you is that my life is infinitely better when I’m consciously creating it and it will probably be the same for you too.

Much love,


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