FLOURISH 008 – Question To Change Your Life

| Sent Wednesday 9th of August

Hey there, I have just one question for you to ponder today;

 If someone was watching your life on mute, what would they say your priorities are?

Imagine if an alien was watching ‘Channel You’, but it had no sound, they could only see the pictures. What would they say to their friend?

‘This person really likes their phone! They spend most of the day on it!’
‘This person sure does work a lot!’
‘This person really lights up when they get to play with their kids!’

‘This person really likes to prioritise their body and working it out.’

What would they say about you?

Is that what you would want them to say?

What about if I came up to you today in the street and asked you;

What are your priorities in life?

You would probably give me a common answer;

My family. My kids. My friends. My work.

And that would be fair, they probably are. But this is why this exercise is so powerful; it gives us an opportunity to gain some perspective on our own life, to be able to view it from another angle that allows us to make a more objective understanding of what we are actually DOING with our time.

And maybe that is a little different to what we SAY we are doing with our time.

Hopefully, this awareness can help us make better choices moving forward.

Much love,


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