FLOURISH 009 – Why You Should CHOOSE Your Discomfort

| Sent Wednesday 16th of August

Hey there, probable seeker of comfort…

It’s true though… especially in this modern world, we’re all trying to become MORE comfortable. 

 What if I told you the key to your happiness was to become LESS comfortable?

It sounds paradoxical but it’s something some of us humans have understood for thousands of years, either;


You see, there’s this funny thing about discomfort: You can either seek it out, choose it for yourself, or wait around until it jumps out at you like some unpleasant surprise at a badly-timed party.


Imagine willingly diving into an ice cold lake. It’s shocking, but you chose it, you braced for it, you understood it and you grew from it. Now, imagine someone pushing you into that lake when you least expect it. Not so fun, huh? That’s the difference between seeking discomfort and having it thrust upon you.

Get Uncomfortable, On Purpose

You might think I’m crazy, but hear me out. Seeking discomfort isn’t about masochism or suffering for suffering’s sake. It’s about growth, innovation, and resilience. Here are some things you can do:

Take up a new hobby that scares you a little (or a lot).
Have that tough conversation you’ve been avoiding (like we talked about the other week).
Challenge yourself with a project you think is slightly above your pay grade.
Do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

The Science Of Discomfort

Don’t just take my word for it; science backs this up too. Studies have shown that stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on challenging tasks can actually increase your cognitive abilities and boost your overall confidence and mental fitness. Your brain gets sharper; your mindset grows stronger.

Build Resilience Like A Pro

When you seek discomfort actively, when you choose to wrestle with those uncomfortable situations, you’re not torturing yourself. You’re building resilience. You’re preparing yourself for life’s curveballs. You’re crafting a mental fitness toolbox that says, “Bring it on life. I’ve got this.” It’s like mental weightlifting, only without the sweaty gym shorts.

Your Discomfort Challenge

Now, here’s a little homework for you (yeah, I know, more discomfort). Identify one thing that makes you a tad uncomfortable, something you’ve been avoiding, and dive into it this week. It’s a small step towards a bigger, bolder, more resilient you. And I’ll be right here cheering you on.

In Closing

Remember, discomfort is going to find you one way or another. You might as well make it your friend, shake its hand, and say, “Let’s dance.” It’s in those awkward, uneasy steps that you’ll find the rhythm of growth.

Stay uncomfortable,


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