FLOURISH 010 – Personal Boundaries

| Sent Wednesday 23rd of August

Hey there,

Let’s talk about something so many of us are terrible at but we all desperately need: Boundaries.

Those invisible lines that keep us sane, happy, and not buried under other people’s crap. Here’s an overview on how to master them, but more importantly, a link to my new workbook so that you can understand them completely and implement them into your life to improve your mental fitness.

1. Identification: Know Thy Boundaries

RIGID, POROUS, HEALTHY – Sounds like a terrible breakfast cereal, right? But these are the three flavours of boundaries, and trust me, you don’t want to get them mixed up.

  • RIGID: The Fort Knox of boundaries. Good luck getting in.
  • POROUS: Like a sponge, soaking up everyone’s problems. Yikes.
  • HEALTHY: The Goldilocks zone. Not too hot, not too cold.

Action Tip: Sit down and get introspective. Where are you rigid? Where are you porous? Get real with yourself and don’t sugarcoat it.

2. Implementation: Draw The Line Dammit!

Setting boundaries is like telling your overbearing aunt to stop pinching your cheeks. It’s awkward but necessary.

  • Prepare for Resistance: People will whine. There are ways to deal with it.
  • PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!: Start with safe relationships. Don’t go boundary-setting with your boss on day one.

Action Tip: Get some canned phrases ready. “No, thank you” is a classic but effective. It’s also still hard to do for many if you don’t understand boundaries.

3. Negotiation: The Art Of The Boundary Deal

Boundaries aren’t set in stone. They’re more like guidelines.

  • NEGOTIABLE Boundaries: Open to discussion and compromise.
  • NON-NEGOTIABLE Boundaries: The “don’t mess with me” zone.

Action Tip: Know what’s up for negotiation and what’s not. And stick to it.

Embrace Your Boundaries

Boundaries aren’t just lines in the sand; they’re one of the backbones of mental fitness. Embrace them, live them, love them.

Want to dive deeper? I’d love you to check out my Personal Boundaries Workbook. It’ll give you the tools and understandings to be able to be able to start implementing healthy boundaries in your life starting today. 

Much love,


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