FLOURISH 013 – Who Do You Want To Become?

| Sent Wednesday 13th of September


Hey there, here’s a question;

Who Do You Want To Become?


I’ve been helping a few people personally lately (check my Mentoring & Coaching) and one of the things I have been trying to find out from them is WHO do YOU want to BECOME.

It can be a startling and perplexing question because so many of us have never really sat down and figured it out.

We have probably asked ourselves “What do I want to achieve?” And we can create a whole list; a good job, happy family, awesome friends, financial stability etc.

But all of those are OUTCOMES, they don’t define who we are.

When I ask the question “Who do you want to become?” what I am asking is what sort of human do you want to be? What qualities do you want to have?

I want to be kinder, more compassionate, have more empathy, be even more adventurous, increase my capacity for love, be wiser and be more generous.

One great way to figure this out if you don’t already know the answer is to go online and do a Core Values test. There are a lot of these available for free and they can help you understand what really matters to you and what doesn’t. Then you can start putting those goals front of mind and begin to take steps towards becoming WHO you want to be not WHAT you want to achieve.

I know that if I take the steps towards becoming the the traits I listed that no matter what happens, I will be ‘successful’. And I also know that if I become those things success will very likely look different to what I think it looks like now.


Yogi Berra said

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

We have to know where we’re going in order to get somewhere that we want to be. This is the first step in getting there, answering this question. Then, once you know, you get to move on to Question #2. This is a question you can now ask yourself at all junctures in your life, even for what you’re going to have for dinner, or if you should go to the party…

Does this move me closer, or further away from the person I want to become?


This is a North Star that can help you even in times of complete darkness. Something that you can check in on constantly. And, if you check on it constantly enough and the answer is “Yes” enough times then I can guarantee, very soon, your life will drastically improve.

Much love,


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