FLOURISH 015 – Another tool to solve your problems…

| Sent Wednesday 4th of October


This is one of my favourite ways to gain perspective on my problems…

Solvitur Ambulando

Hey there, I get it, you probably don’t speak Latin (neither do I). Solvitur Ambulando can basically be translated to ‘it is solved by walking.’

‘Pretty simplistic take’ you might say… And you’re probably right, it is. It’s not the answer to every problem but it can be the answer to some if not many. And that’s what we’re really looking for, another tool to help us figure things out. 


Why It Works

  1. Bilateral Brain Activation:
    When you walk, you engage both hemispheres of your brain. This bilateral movement fosters creative thinking and problem-solving.
  2. Stress Reduction:
    Physical activity releases endorphins, which act as natural mood lifters. They can help clear the mental fog that often accompanies stress, making it easier to arrive at solutions.
  3. Environmental Stimulation:
    The changing scenery and sensory experiences during a walk can trigger new ways of thinking, helping you see your problem from different angles.
  4. Break from Screen Time:
    Walking allows you to disconnect from digital distractions. This break can be incredibly liberating, giving your mind the freedom to wander and explore new ideas.
  5. Become the Observer of your Thoughts:
    It allows us the space and capacity to step back from our ruminating thoughts and access them objectively for what they really are.

I’ve used this technique to break through writer’s block, make tough decisions, figure out things in my relationship and even improve my tennis game.

It’s a simple yet powerful tool in my mental fitness toolkit.


How to Implement It

  1. Identify the problem you’re facing.
  2. Step outside and start walking. *Leave your phone behind*
  3. Focus on your problem while walking, but DO NOT force a solution.
  4. Return with a fresh perspective and renewed energy.

Worst Case Scenario: The problem didn’t get solved. Even if that’s the case you got some Vitamin D, endorphins from light exercise and had a chance to see some new things in your neighbourhood. But usually, especially for me, I will come out with some new perspectives, understandings and calmness around a particular problem or situation. And with that I can make better choices in order to create better outcomes for me and those around me.


Challenge of the Week

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to apply “Solvitur Ambulando” to a problem you’re currently facing. Take a 20-minute walk and see what solutions come to you. Your problems probably won’t solve themselves, but they might just be solved by walking.


Until next time, keep moving forward. I am literally off on a hike after I push send on this…

Much love,


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