FLOURISH 016 – 5 Minute Journaling

| Sent Wednesday 27th of September


Hey there, do you have a conscious morning routine?

There are many things, that when done in the morning, lead to a better day. Hopefully already you have a few, but here’s another powerful one to add to the list;


5 Question Journalling


In order to prime your day for success, grab a journal and a pen and spend 5 minutes answering these 5 questions;

1. What Am I Grateful For?

What It Does;  Instantly shifts you into a more positive mindset. 
You can show appreciation for;
What you have, where you are, who you love and much more.
It’s scientifically proven to improve your happiness. I have talked about this many times before and will do it more into the future, gratitude is a cornerstone of Mental Fitness. 


2. What Is My Most Important Task For Today?

What It Does; Gives you clarity for your priorities for the day.

Choose the most important, needle-moving task of the day.
If you only get ONE thing done today it should be this.


3. What story-worthy moment happened yesterday?

What It Does;  Improves your memory and storytelling.
It doesn’t have to be an earth-shatteringly hilarious or amazing story. It could just be an interesting interaction, a great conversation or a small funny moment. Keep it simple.


4. How am I feeling right now?

What It Does;  Builds self-awareness.
It’s easy to go through life on auto-pilot. This is just a little way to check in on how you are doing. It allows you to observe any little things that are coming up or double-down on the gratitude of everything going your way.


5. What’s working right now? What could be better?

What It Does;  Keeps you on track with your goals and habits.
The answers to this may be repetitive, but it’s a great way to correct course and keep your daily habits aligned with your goals.

That’s it! 5 minutes in the morning to prime your day for success. Give it a go for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference. I can pretty much guarantee that it will…

Much love,


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