FLOURISH 021 – How To Get Things Done

| Sent Wednesday 22nd of November

Hey there, 

Ever found yourself waiting for the ‘right mood’ to strike before getting down to business? Here’s a little secret: It’s a trap! The truth is, action leads, and mood follows.

Never let your mood dictate what you do.

Think about it; if you want to be an author, sitting staring at a wall isn’t going to make you write the next Game of Thrones. The key? Start writing. The act of writing itself is what turns the gears in your brain and gets the creativity flowing.

It’s like this across the board. Want to feel happier? Do something that aligns with your values and watch your mood lift. Looking to be more fit? Lace up those trainers and hit the pavement – your mood will catch up.

Here’s the deal: Our brains are wired to reward action. When you take that first step, regardless of how you feel initially, you’re setting off a cascade of neurochemical reactions that boost your mood and motivation.

So, next time you’re waiting for motivation to strike, remember this:

Movement changes mood.

Don’t wait to feel like doing something. Do it, and let your actions shape how you feel.

Your Challenge This Week:

Pick one thing you’ve been putting off because you’re ‘not in the mood’ and just start. Write that first sentence, do that first workout, make that first call. You might just surprise yourself with how good you feel afterwards.

Much love,


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