How To Learn Better…

‘Ohhh, a learning tip/hack/shortcut!?!?’ Just what you need right? Well, this one’s a little counterintuitive…

There’s something that I’ve been doing a LOT more of lately that has absolutely sky-rocketed my personal growth and understanding and it can do the same for you. What is it?

Well… it’s… Teaching.

“But I’m not a teacher!” I hear you say… Yes, but you could be.

If you have any sort of growth mindset you will want to learn; to grow and to change. When we think about learning we usually think of a classroom, a teacher, a mentor, a book, workshop or speech. We tend to think of it as us receiving.

Teaching is a more powerful way; and that is to teach. There is no better way to master a subject than to have to explain it to someone else. There is no better way to comprehend a subject completely than to have to explain it to people with different backgrounds and perspectives. There is no faster way to understand what you don’t know about a subject than to have an inquisitive person ask you about it.

Over the years you may have seen me post pictures on social media of me with a sign that says ‘I will talk to anyone about anything.’ I have had a version of this sign for over seven years, but it is only recently that I have taken it out regularly. Four nights a week I sit for two and a half hours before sunset and talk to strangers on the beach. They are from all over the world, they speak dozens of languages and all have unique and complex upbringings and world views. Yet, so often they have the same questions about life, philosophy, love, satisfaction and mental wellbeing. There is no better classroom for me. They feel like I am helping them, I feel like they are helping me. It’s the ultimate win-win.

I’m forced to clarify my thoughts, consider opposing viewpoints, simplify my analogies and ‘universalise’ my stories. It is a powerful, powerful teacher for me.

So here I am, right here right now, to challenge you to teach. Teach whatever you know to whomever will listen. Teach your talents, your knowledge and your experience. You learned a tip about meditation? Tell your partner. You learned a new way to manage frustration? Teach that to your co-workers. You found the secrets of the Universe? Tell ME! (Just hit reply here, I’m all ears!)

Teach it, all of it. Pass it on. Share it. Let it lift others, because I promise you, it will lift you as well.

Teach, teach, teach and you shall learn.


Much love,

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