One Minute Wisdoms – I Know Nothing

Welcome to my new weekly series called “One Minute Wisdoms”.

These videos are simply some of the lessons that I have learned (and continue to learn) throughout my life and I thought that I would share them with you all…

I thought I would start by explaining that in the grand scheme of things, I know practically nothing and the things I do think I know could be completely wrong. That’s the mind-boggling thing; we think we’re smart but in actuality we know very close to absolutely nothing.

I think that is a very healthy place to start…

A mindset like that puts you in a place of learning, a place of growth and a place that allows your views to be re-shaped and improved upon on a constant basis. There is a saying, “Everyone knows something that you don’t know…” It’s true.

One of the greatest lessons, then decisions, in my life was that “everything is a lesson”. Everything. Everyone. Every interaction. Because I know nothing I have everything to learn from all these people and experiences.

No one has all the answers, no professor, no religion, no book… What we need to do is listen to all of them, apply what we think works for us, but also be open to changing that idea when it is shown to be insufficient or incorrect.

That, for me, seems to be the point… Learning and growing from all of life’s experiences.


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