Getting a group of people into the same room creates something special; possibility.

We have an opportunity to influence, inspire and implant seeds to create future change. Far more so than if everyone watched a video alone in their own homes.

It’s this energy that is my job to nurture; to make sure that I connect with the people to the point that they take on the ideas and then, most importantly, take them with them and use them to create change.

To do that, the audience must be engaged, intrigued, enlightened, entertained as well as informed. It’s this delicate tightrope dance that I love the most.

And I’m pretty damn good at it. (But don’t just take my word for it, hear what others have to say…)

Your organisation might need a more ‘general’ talk for the staff or you may have something specific in mind for the feeling/intent of your event; it’s my job to help you define that and see how my talk can elevate that objective. That’s why we’ll get together beforehand to see how we can make that happen.

Here are some of the directions that we could go with the talk, my three pillars of expertise if you will;

1. Mental Fitness

Our mental health is on a continuum, we all have it, just like we have physical fitness. Disregard it and we slowly slip down the continuum into severe discomfort. Work on it, get mentally fitter and gain all the benefits associated with that.

This concept is what can ‘flick the switch’ in the average person. Get them to understand how it all works and how they can opt in to their own healing.


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2. Change

The only constant is change. And nothing changes if nothing changes.

Change is vital to improving our mental fitness but as a society we find change difficult and uncomfortable. We currently lack the fundamentals to be successful at it let alone believing it’s even possible.

I teach three fundamental necessities for change to even be possible.


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3. Personal Growth

It’s all well and good knowing the theories of how Mental Fitness and Change work but the key question is how do we get people on board to create actual, fundamental growth in their own life and their workplaces.

That’s where systems, tricks and manipulation of our own minds comes into play.


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You have questions, obviously. Here are some of the frequently asked ones; please get in touch if you have any others.

How Much Does Jimi Cost?

There is always obviously the question of cost and that answer depends on many variable factors regarding your event and requirements of me.

‘Ballpark’ figures for budgeting purposes can be found on page 10 of my ‘Services Guidebook’ for 2022 which may also answer most of your other questions.

Will Jimi Suit My Event?

Mental health doesn’t discriminate – every single person at your event has mental health, just like they have physical health. Everyone can improve their mental health simply and by using straightforward techniques that Jimi will share with your audience.  The benefits of the improved mental health of your people to your organisation are far-reaching and invaluable including less sick days, less in-fighting, greater productivity, better ideas and greater cohesion of your teams.

Jimi has a true gift when it comes to relating to a hugely varied range of people, cultures and styles. He is relatable and likeable and he just seems to ‘fit in’ even though his personal style is more inclined to ‘stand out’!

Jimi’s message is important and relevant to every one of your attendees. He has proven to be a valuable resource for businesses, organisations and educational institutions alike when it comes to making an impact on improving the mental health of those who attend his presentations. Without a doubt, Jimi will inspire actual, positive change in your peoples’ lives.

What Does Jimi Speak About?

Well, a lot of things, but ‘Mental Fitness’ mainly. How we can proactively look after ourselves for everyone’s benefit.

Long story short, Jimi can work with you to tailor a message that will resonate with either the theme of your event or whatever key takeaways you are hoping to leave your attendees with.

His expertise is in mental health, which is a vast and varied topic. Jimi weaves the serious nature of the subject within amusing stories with poignant messages. Everybody can live a little more awesome and by improving their mental fitness they will benefit themselves and everyone around them…

Is Jimi Available For My Event?

The simple answer is… “Maybe.”

We’d love to be able to help you with your event, please fill in the enquiry form here with all of the relevant details so we can check availability.

Jimi travels a lot so it may also depend on where in the world he currently is and the timing of your event but we do accept bookings pretty much wherever you are in the world.

What's Jimi Like To Work With?

Now, we realise that we’re writing this ourselves, but we can also back it up with many testimonials from event managers… Jimi is guaranteed to be one of the easiest speakers or people that you will ever work with.

Nothing (within reason) is ever a problem; Jimi is totally reliable and we pride ourselves on having great communication that flows seamlessly both before and during your events, we are always fully contactable and adaptable in any circumstance.

Jimi and his team are professionals. We have two goals; the first is to deliver a world-class presentation that inspires, motivates and changes your people and the second is to make the entire process as easy as possible for both you and us, so that you get the result you are looking for.

He does request pink M&M’s (frozen and in a stemless wine glass) before and after the presentation though and won’t go on without them…

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