Walking Home

How do you change a culture? Story. Story. Story.

We change national cultural behaviours by showing people examples of how and why they should change their own. That’s what you’re doing by helping tell this story; I am very grateful for that.

You’ve been sent to this page if you are media, or have a newsletter or a large social following. You are obviously free to tell and promote this story however you wish; below are some talking points and resources that may help you do that.


This is the PRESS RELEASE. It gives all the general details of what’s going on in one pdf page.

This is the WALKING HOME PDF. It has lots of information in it’s 5 pages. More details if you want them…

BASIC INFO: I’m walking from Cape Reinga to Bluff; SOBO (that’s Southbound for all you non-hikers). It’s approximately 3000km. I’m aiming to complete it in less than 100 days. That’s quite fast, most people take about 5 months.

I’m doing it to promote Connection in NZ’ers. The ability to connect with ourselves, the land and each other. All powerful and scientifically proven ways to improve your Mental Fitness.

I’d love you to come walk parts with me, or join in the Connection Challenges as I go.

You can send people who want to walk with me here to sign up. Or you can point them toward my socials which are all @thejimihunt.

If you would like to interview, talk to, send something to or find me you can;

Call me on 021 0202 9618. I will however be out of reception approximately 60% of the time but will most likely be in reception in the mornings and evenings.

Email me at jimi at jimihunt.com for anything that needs to go in my diary, interview requests etc.

Message me on Instagram (@thejimihunt) for the quickest replies.

And thank you again for any and all help with this. I love you for it.

And here are some images if you need them (click on them, then right click, save as. I’m sure you know how to internet);

Extra photos (my usual media ones) can be found here.

And I will add new walking photos here once I’ve had some taken in the first week of my walk.