One Minute Wisdom – Change

I talk to a lot of people about change and one of the common responses is that change is simply too hard.

One of the reasons that people may think of it as hard is the misconception of how change actually happens. In most cases, it’s not simply one decision to change that generates a result, but the repeated decision over a period of time.

You are simply the result of the things that you repeatedly do every day.

If you would like a different result, you have to start making different choices. Every day.

Yes, some of these things may take a little time to get results, but a lot do not. I feel like I changed about 60% of my personality in about three months through making daily, consistent changes. And I know for a fact that I’m not special. Anyone can do that.

Embrace change. But achieve it with small, consistent steps repeated over and over again…

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