Recommended Reads;

Hey everyone, thanks for coming over from my talk and wanting to learn more.

Below are some of the books I mentioned in my talk or ones that have informed my work in the past.

I highly recommend all of them.


INSIDE OUT - Jimi Hunt

Well of course I’m going to recommend my book first! Have pride in your work!

This is my latest of three, you can check them out on the BOOKS page of this website.

But this one is really all about the concept of Mental Fitness that we were talking about today, it goes into that in much more depth and some of the tools you can use to improve it.


Johan has twice won ‘World Reporter of the Year’ (or something like that), he’s written multiple best-sellers and this book is the book I wish I was smart enough to have researched and written.

It compellingly lays out how we, as a society have got ourselves in such a mental mess, how we’re dealing with it all wrong and how there is hope for a way forward.

Easy to read, compulsory read if you want to really understand depression.

- Bessel Van Der Kolk

Absolutely fundamentally changed the way I, and millions of others, understand trauma and changed an entire industry while it was at it.

Helped me understand my wife in a different way. Helped me better advise people in how to find healing. Helped me change the focus of my own work.

This is a must read for anyone with trauma or trauma adjacent.

BREATHE - James Nestor

I gave you some breathing exercises in my talk, these are in here. There are some other exercises in here you can use as well but this book really is more in the ‘understanding’ category.

You will never look at your breath the same way again.

You will understand it’s power, it’s healing ability and the fact that we’re never taught how to use that.


This is the book about the ‘Constant’ in the 3C’s.

More than that; it’s a framework to understand and overhaul your habits, the things that make you who you are.

It has sold MILLIONS of copies. Why? Because people read it, it changes their lives, then they recommend it to a friend on a page on their website.