We're super happy that you've booked Jimi to come and speak. Here are some resources and requirements that you may need for your event...

AV Requirements.

Whilst I am infinitely adaptable and a very easy going young (not really that young) man, if there is ever any drama around a presentation, it is usually around the technical aspects. Please read these carefully and if there are any problems or clarifications needed, please get in touch and we can sort them out.


I bring my own laptop to every presentation and require direct HDMI input from the front of the room.  By running the laptop from the stage, there are no issues with my fancy fonts or videos or compatibility issues, it also allows me to dynamically adjust the presentation as needed. (Sometimes I even change it during the presentation depending on how I think the audience is feeling.) It is worth advising AV technicians of this requirement ahead of time, so that they have the necessary set up. Also, I do not provide presentation slides before or after the engagement.


I need a lapel mic or a wireless headset.

I use my hands (a lot), move around (a lot), and interact with every audience. It’s therefore essential to have a lapel or headset mic available, with fresh batteries.

Please: No lectern mics and preferably no hand held mics. An audio technician should be available prior to the presentation to ensure all is in working order.


Some light, water, a table and a stool… That’s it really.

Good lighting on stage and in the room, a tall table or lectern for my laptop and a carafe of water (with no ice please – too noisy when pouring) and a simple raised bar stool are all appreciated.

Let's Chat...

We’ve had the fortune of working with many event producers over the past 10 years… We’ve also produced a few large events ourselves. If you have any questions about anything on this page, or would like to explore opportunities to enhance participant experience (across every touchpoint), or how we can ensure the event serves the overall strategy and meaningful progress – let’s chat. It may be that we can spark new thinking, connect you with some incredible people, or contribute to something even greater.

As always, we are here for you. If you have any questions, or if there’s anything we can do – please get in touch.



About the only thing that gets on Jimi’s nerves is an MC who ‘does all the research’ and gives a long intro telling half Jimi’s stories (it happens, a lot).

Please simply use this introduction below;

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you, our next speaker;

He’s an adventurer, experimenter, Guinness World Record holder & best-selling author and he’s here to share his Mental Fitness wisdom with us today.
Please welcome… Jimi Hunt.”


If your event is voluntary attendance and you need a full bio for marketing material, then please use this;

“Jimi is the co-founder of the charity Live More Awesome and is most well known for his work in reducing the stigma around mental health in a distinctly colourful way. He is a Guinness World Record holder, two times TEDx speaker, a regular panellist on morning radio/TV shows and has been the subject of a documentary and two feature episodes of a major US Network show highlighting his unique and highly successful exploits into raising awareness of mental health.

Jimi is committed to affecting radical, positive change in people’s lives through his unique perspective on mental wellness and offers simple, effective life skills and techniques for individuals to implement.
Twice nominated for New Zealander of the Year and finalist in both New Zealander of the Year and New Zealand Innovator of the Year, Jimi provides a very different approach to how we think about mental health and has a gift for weaving his own personal story in a raw, humorous and very relatable way that inspires audiences to take charge of their own mental well-being.

Deeply invested in personal growth, change and developing people past their own self-limiting beliefs, Jimi has presented keynotes to a vast array of audiences and organisations in New Zealand and overseas and his thought-provoking insights into how we can all deal better with our mental health holds relevance in all areas of society.”


Here are the media images for 2022, previously available images may be used by request only.  These are reasonably high quality and are large enough for digital and some print uses. To download the images simply click on them and they will open in a new page, right click on the image to ‘save as’. If you need full resolution images for large or high-quality printing please email Libby to request a file.