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Made possible by the wonderful people at TrackMe Adventures.

I’d love to walk with you for a part of this trail. Here’s what you need to know;

Please register to walk with me by filling out the form below. It will really help me logistically and it means I can update everyone in one easy email.

For some of it you don’t even need to walk! You can run / bike / skateboard / wheelchair / unicycle / catch the ferry / kayak / white water raft. There are many options that mean you can come and join in.

Where will you be and when, Jimi?!?! An obvious and good question you ask there. Here is a Google Sheet with all the dates, locations, daily distances and kinds of terrain; Jimi’s Te Araroa Timetable

The obvious caveat to that is that I’m walking and this is an educated guess subject to change because of weather, injury or any other unexpected disaster. These timings will be approximate up to about 4 days out and then very solid inside 4 days.

I will not always be in cell phone reception but I have a satellite tracker that pulses every 15 minutes so you will be able to track my location at the bottom of this page.

Where are we going EXACTLY?

Best bet is to download the official apps;

IOS App    |    Android App

I will be walking this exact route.

This is not compulsory, but I highly suggest that if you walk part of the trail that you contribute to the trail maintenance.

The Te Araroa Trust maintains the trail for all of our benefit but it is a not-for-profit that needs donations to operate.

You can donate any amount HERE.

During the walk I will be teaching connection around the three parts – with yourself, with the land and with each other.

This is just general, casual chats for anyone that is interested in learning.


I am quite a fast walker, I am quite fit and I am also trying to cover a lot of km’s per day because I’m trying to walk the length of the country.

Some days are a set amount of km’s where there is no hurry. These days are quite often around the cities and some of the forests/national parks.

Some days are head down knock out the km’s to get where we need to be.

Please understand your own abilities, I am not responsible for anyone out on the trail.

In saying all that, there may be others at your level coming along that would be perfect to connect and walk with.

Whilst I won’t always be in cell phone coverage, the best bet is to send me a message if you have any questions and want to join in. The easiest way for me is if they all come through my Instagram @thejimihunt.

Don’t have Instagram? All good, you can email me here.

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