Mental Fitness

A workshop is a wondrous opportunity for individuals and leadership teams to really come to terms with new topics, concepts and ideas.

A ‘motivational keynote’ is awesome, in fact, it is one of my favourite things to do in this world. A keynote is usually short (45-60mins) and is delivered to a large group of people, therefore, it is curated to introduce people to new concepts and ways of thinking and ignite inspiration within them to consider and implement a different view point to their own.

My workshops are generally designed as a follow up to and closer look at that introduction of ideas.

A smaller, more intimate audience and increased time allows the opportunity for those individuals and leadership teams to really get down and dirty with the concepts, to understand them on another level, a level deep enough to implement and then pass on to those around them.

This is not your normal ‘Corporate Training’

We’re not here to ‘tick the corporate boxes’, we’re here to empower the individuals who work with you to change, grow and develop their own skills to become better humans. And that may, in the end, tick exactly those boxes you’re looking to tick. Over time, I’ve learned that I do things a little differently and that’s a good thing. It helps keep people engaged and eagerly involved in the content.

My workshops can absolutely be tailored to your needs, but in general, we’re going to go deep into mental fitness, what is required to create personal change and then how we can implement that in the easiest, most long-lasting ways possible.


You have questions, obviously. Here are some of the frequently asked ones; please get in touch if you have any others.

How Many People Can Attend?

Anywhere from 3 to 30. The sweet-spot is in the 16-20 attendees range.

What Do We Need To Provide?

You will need to provide the location, the people and access to a whiteboard or flip-chart.

It’s also nice to have some snacks and refreshments for everyone attending.

How Long Are The Workshops?

The workshops last between 3 and 4 hours. They can be adjusted according to your time requirements.

How Much Are The Workshops?

‘Ballpark’ figures for budgeting purposes can be found on page 10 of my ‘Services Guidebook for 2021’ which may also answer many of your other questions.

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