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Live More Awesome needed an awareness raising event as well as a fundraising event, there really was only one answer; Build the biggest waterslide the world has ever seen!

Long story short, we dug a 554m trench into a hill, put some plastic in it and turned on the hose at the top. It worked.

We had the guys from Nitro Circus come and play as well as the world’s media ring us up and ask us what the hell we were doing. All in all, MASSIVE media attention around WHY we were doing it. To talk about depression.

What sucked was the day after the event we had to fill it all back in and give the farmer back his land.

So 18 months later we designed, crowd-funded and built another slide… this time though it was COMPLETELY INFLATABLE!

We put on a fantastic event at Jonkers Farm in Auckland and again garnered a lot of attention for the cause. A LOT. Around the world.

And we have the Guinness World Record for the World’s Longest Waterslide!

Check out the very succesful video below (Over 13 million views):

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we also made a Travel Channel Documentary on the Slide

watch it here...