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Recent Thoughts:

CONNECTION: The Hidden Powerhouse in Mental Health and Fitness

Do you ever get the feeling that while we’re super-connected digitally, we’re kind of dropping the ball in the real world? It’s a paradox, isn’t it? In an age of 8 billion humans and counting, feelings of isolation, loneliness, and…

How To Learn Better…

‘Ohhh, a learning tip/hack/shortcut!?!?’ Just what you need right? Well, this one’s a little counterintuitive… There’s something that I’ve been doing a LOT more of lately that has absolutely sky-rocketed my personal growth and understanding and it can do the…

Resilience vs Mental Fitness

‘Wellness’ has become a behemoth industry over the last decade; everything from mental health, yoga and meditation all the way through to completely unscientific quackery has all been lumped into the ‘Wellness’ category.  Thanks to a fantastic piece of legislation…


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