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Recent Thoughts:

This is 40.

I remember quite vividly when my Dad turned 40. He had a party at our house with a bunch of his friends, my mother got him a big moustache cake because he had a big moustache and it was the…

Why It’s Crucial To Seek & Create Community

In terms of the makeup of your Mental Fitness Pie, a community can provide a decent slice. So I will tell you two quick stories about men with the last name Hunt; A few years ago I moved to a…

How To Change A Culture

I was on a Zoom call last week with a fantastic group of ‘Wellbeing Managers’. Part of their role within their organisation is to head up or be responsible for the wellbeing of the people who make up their respective…


This is an ad for a non-existent podcast…

People have been telling me to do one forever, I’ve been saying I’ll do one forever and if you keep pestering me then one should magically appear right here in the near future.